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South Korea adds quota for OFWs

When Malaya got the boot, she sang her goodbye song, “I Am Changing,” as if the Save were still in play. Through her girlish tears, she truly did seem to be singing for her life …

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Federal minister wants apology for Manitoba immigration event

WINNIPEG – Federal Employment Minister Jason Kenney says the Manitoba government should apologize for a controversial immigration event two years ago.

Kenney says the province’s NDP government used immigrants as “political props” and engaged in fear-mongering over federal changes to immigration programs.

In 2012, the Manitoba government was upset that Ottawa was taking control of immigrant settlement programs and warned the move could lead to service cuts.

The government used bureaucrats to invite immigrants and support workers to attend a legislature debate, even if it meant taking an afternoon off work.

Hundreds of people packed the legislature gallery, and Manitoba’s ombudsman later criticized the government for using non-partisan bureaucrats to organize the event.

The government said it was simply responding to concerns from immigrant groups about the changes, and has said all political parties have the right to invite people to the legislature.

“It’s important for people to hear debate about issues that affect them, such as sweeping federal changes to immigrant settlement services,” Immigration Minister Erna Braun said in a written statement.

Kenney, who was in Winnipeg on Wednesday to sign a job-training agreement with the province, said the NDP government was wrong to tell people the changes would lead to cuts. Funding has increased and immigration is growing in Manitoba, he said.

“Not only was it wrong to try to use newcomers as political props for that purpose, but the message was completely misleading.”

The legislature debate has dogged the NDP government for much of the last two years.

The immigration minister at the time, Christine Melnick, denied ordering her department workers to invite immigrants and workers to the debate. Last December, a report from the provincial ombudsman revealed she in fact did give the order.

Melnick later said she was acting under the orders of the premier’s office — an accusation Premier Greg Selinger denied — and she was turfed from the NDP caucus in February. She now sits as an Independent.

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Government of Canada Supports Economic Opportunities for Aboriginal Women in Greater Vancouver

VANCOUVER, April 23, 2014 /CNW/ - On behalf of the Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, Dr. K. Kellie Leitch, Cathy McLeod, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Labour and for Western Economic Diversification, and Member of Parliament for Kamloops—Thompson—Cariboo, today announced Government of Canada support for a new project that will advance women in the shipbuilding sector.

The First Nations Employment Society is receiving funding through Status of Women Canada for a three-year project to increase employment opportunities for Aboriginal women in the marine/shipbuilding industry in the Greater Vancouver area. The organization will identify barriers to the employment of First Nations women in the sector, and will develop an action plan aimed specifically at increasing their participation and advancement within it. Some of the strategies to be explored include diversity training for managers and employees, a review of current employment policies and human resources procedures, and the introduction of flexible work arrangements.

This project was selected through the Government of Canada’s recent call for proposals entitled Opening Doors: Economic Opportunities for Women.

Quick Facts

  • The First Nations Employment Society is receiving $250,000 for a three-year project to increase employment opportunities for Aboriginal women in the marine/shipbuilding industry in the Greater Vancouver area.
  • The Call for Proposals entitled Opening Doors: Economic Opportunities for Women, helps communities create new economic opportunities for women in three thematic areas:Advancing women in non-traditional occupations; increasing economic options for women; and improving prosperity for immigrant women. 
  • Since 2007, the Harper Government has delivered more than $54 million through the Women’s Program at Status of Women Canada for projects that promote women’s economic security and prosperity. Of this amount, more than $12 million has gone to projects that support women in non-traditional occupations.
  • Since 2007, the Government of Canada, through Status of Women Canada, has provided more than $20 million for projects that help Aboriginal women and girls build economic security, gain leadership skills, and address issues of violence they face.
  • Through Status of Women Canada, federal funding of community-based projects has nearly doubled since 2006-2007, supporting more than 720 projects across Canada.


“The Government of Canada continues to invest in new economic opportunities for women in communities across the country. The project we are announcing today also demonstrates how we are working to advance women, including Aboriginal women, in non-traditional occupations.
The Honourable Dr. K. Kellie Leitch
Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women

“Our Government is pleased to be working with the First Nations Employment Society to open new doors of opportunity for Aboriginal women here in Greater Vancouver. The marine and shipbuilding industry is critical to this region, and we hope this project will help many women in our Aboriginal communities achieve economic success.”
Cathy McLeod
Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Labour and for Western Economic Diversification

“We are happy to partner with the Government of Canada on this project to increase employment opportunities for Aboriginal women in the marine/shipbuilding industry in the Greater Vancouver area. This funding will allow us to work with the industry to address barriers that prevent Aboriginal women from accessing and pursuing opportunities in this sector.”
Norma Guerin
Executive Director, First Nations Employment Society

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Government creating one-stop job site for veterans

WASHINGTON — Aiming to streamline employment resources for people leaving the military, the government is creating an integrated website that can help job-seekers create resumes, connect with employers and become part of a database of veterans and their spouses for companies to mine for skills and talents.

First lady Michelle Obama was announcing the launch of the new Veterans Employment Center on Wednesday at Fort Campbell, Ky., during a special veterans’ jobs summit organized by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, the Pentagon and the departments of Veterans Affairs and Labor.

“Our service members haven’t always had the time or information they needed to prepare their resumes, to plot their career goals, to meet with employers and get the jobs they deserve,” the first lady said in her prepared remarks. Mrs. Obama and Vice President Joe Biden’s wife, Jill, have long been focused on the needs of veterans.

The one-stop job-shopping tool comes amid an increase in Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans as U.S. participation in those conflicts has ended or winds down. Unemployment among veterans who have served since September 2001 stood at 9 percent in 2013, about 1.6 percentage points higher than the overall civilian population.

The website,, is the first online resource that combines information provided by a variety of agencies and employers. It will help veterans and military spouses build resumes, translate military skills into private-sector aptitudes and provide career and training data with the click of a mouse.

Dakota Meyer, a veteran of the war in Afghanistan and a Medal of Honor recipient, said the civilian and military worlds have a difficult time understanding each other. “It’s something as small as in the military we call it a mission and in the corporate world they call it a project,” he said.

Meyer, who is working with the Chamber of Commerce Foundation in its outreach to veterans, said the government’s launch of its integrated jobs website will help bridge that gap.

“I was a sniper in the Marine Corps. How many jobs do you think the civilian world, the corporate world has for snipers? So how do you market that?” he said. “The tool will help translate your skills over to whatever the corporate world is going to understand. So being a sniper — leadership skills, discipline, integrity, whatever-it-takes attitude, personnel management. These are skills that any corporation is looking for.”

The Obama administration’s most high-profile online tool, the site designed to enroll Americans in health plans, had a disastrous initial rollout last fall. But administration officials said Tuesday that they have tested the veterans site to ensure that it can handle the expected traffic and the various tasks it promises to carry out.

Wednesday’s announcement is part of a monthlong series of events marking the third anniversary of Joining Forces, the nationwide initiative that Mrs. Obama and Jill Biden created in 2011 to boost employment, education and health care for active-duty service members, military families and veterans.

Biden, who will appear at Fort Campbell with Mrs. Obama, will also announce that the military spouses’ employment program has enlisted 228 employers, up from the 60 companies that had made a commitment when the program launched in June 2011.

UPS is among the corporations that have pledged to hire more veterans, recruiting 13,000 veterans in the past 12 months, said Lytana Kids, UPS vice president for workforce planning. That’s about 8 percent of the parcel delivery company’s overall hires, compared with 5 percent before. An integrated website would make that task even easier, she said.

Ross Cohen, senior director of the veteran and military spouse employment program at the Chamber of Commerce Foundation, said it was easy for veterans to feel at a loss.

“Efforts like this one really make it easier to navigate toward a job,” he said.

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Harper Government helps Canadians with disabilities in Richmond gain job skills

RICHMOND, BC, April 23, 2014 /CNW/ – The Government of Canada is helping
Canadians with disabilities develop the skills and experience they need
to find jobs, today announced the Honourable Alice Wong, Minister of
State (Seniors), on behalf of the Honourable Jason Kenney, Minister of
Employment and Social Development.

The Richmond Centre for Disability is receiving more than $176,000 to
help 70 Canadians with disabilities in Richmond overcome barriers to

This includes providing employment services and interventions tailored
to meet their needs that will help them to participate in the labour
market to the best of their ability, while giving employers better
access to a pool of talented employees.

The Government of Canada is committed to improving opportunities for
Canadians with disabilities as part of its ongoing efforts to create a
more productive workforce and a stronger economy.

Quick Facts

  • Since 2006, the Government of Canada has helped over 34,600 Canadians
    with disabilities across Canada develop the skills and experience they
    need to find jobs.

  • Recently, Minister Kenney announced that the governments of Canada and
    British Columbia have signed a renewed Labour Market Agreement for
    Persons with Disabilities that will better meet the employment needs of
    Canadian businesses and improve the employment prospects for Canadians
    with disabilities, helping residents in British Columbia get skills and
    training to find jobs.

  • Economic Action Plan 2014 proposed an investment of $15 million over
    three years to the Ready, Willing Able initiative of the Canadian
    Association for Community Living to connect Canadians with
    developmental disabilities with jobs. It is also investing $11.4
    over four years to support the Sinneave Family Foundation and
    Autism Speaks Canada to expand vocational training programs for
    Canadians with Autism Spectrum Disorders.


“Canadians with disabilities have a tremendous amount to offer
employers, but they remain under-represented in our workforce. To
support Canada’s long-term prosperity, we must ensure that everyone who
wants to work has the opportunity to do so. Canadians with disabilities
face particular challenges entering the job market, and that’s why
partnerships with organizations like the Richmond Center for Disability
are so important.”

- The Honourable Alice Wong, Minister of State (Seniors)

“The Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities program objectives
are in line with the Richmond Centre for Disability’s mission to
empower people with disabilities to participate in the community to the
level of their desires and abilities. It is my firm conviction that
employment is the true ticket to inclusion and a way to overcome
economic marginalization for people with disabilities.”

- Louise Gaudry, Career Development Facilitator of the Resources for
Career Development Project

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The Opportunities Fund for Persons with Disabilities helps Canadians with disabilities to prepare for, obtain and keep
employment or become self-employed.

Economic Action Plan 2013 announced a $10 million increase in ongoing
funding, to $40 million annually, for the Opportunities Fund. Employers
and community organizations will also be involved in designing and
delivering the project.

In addition, through Economic Action Plan 2014, the Government of Canada

  • providing $15 million over three years to the Ready, Willing Able
    initiative of the Canadian Association for Community Living to help
    connect Canadians with developmental disabilities with jobs; and

  • $11.4 million over four years to support the expansion of vocational
    training programs for Canadians with Autism Spectrum Disorders.

To further help Canadians with disabilities in the workforce, the

  • introduced a new generation of Labour Market Agreements for Persons with
    Disabilities with an investment of $222 million per year to better meet
    the employment needs of Canadian businesses and improve the employment
    prospects for people with disabilities;

  • extended the Enabling Accessibility Fund on an ongoing basis at $15
    per year to improve accessibility in facilities across Canada,
    including workplaces; and

  • provided funding of $7 million per year for the Social Sciences and
    Humanities Research Council of Canada, some of which will support
    research related to the labour market participation of people with

Other measures to connect Canadians with available jobs and equip them
with the skills and training they need include the Canada Job Grant,
creating opportunities for apprentices and providing support to
under-represented groups, including people with disabilities,
Aboriginal people, newcomers and youth.

SOURCE Employment and Social Development Canada

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Work permit law to boost Irish techs

Work permit law to boost Irish techs

Wednesday, April 23 15:54:03

The Government today published a new law to modernise Ireland’s employment permits system as part of a plan to make Ireland the top global location for ICT skills and confirm our status as the internet capital of Europe.

The Employment Permits (Amendment) Bill 2014 will be enacted by the summer, Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation, Richard Bruton said today.

The provisions of the law include: updating provisions for the employment permits schemes in line with policy and economic developments since 2007; providing the flexibility to deal with changing labour market, work patterns and economic development needs which often require rapid response; providing for a robust employment permits regime which will provide clarity and certainty to potential investors and employers, both indigenous and multi-national, to better enable their business planning and HR decision-making; and addressing recent deficiencies in the legislation identified by the High Court in the Younis case in 2012, which have the potential to allow employers to benefit from illegal employment contracts in situations where an employee does not hold an employment permit but is required to do so.

Publishing the legislation, Minister Bruton said the ICT sector is a central part of the Government’s Action Plan for Jobs.

“Skills is key to this, as one of the biggest issues faced by businesses considering creating jobs in this sector is the availability of skilled graduates to do the work needed. Working closely with Minister for Education Ruairi Quinn we have delivered substantial improvements in the past three years, and this has made a major contribution to the overall increase in the numbers of people at work in this area. Under the most recent ICT Action Plan at least 3 out of 4 vacancies in the ICT sector will be filled by graduates from Irish colleges – this is a major leap forward from the 45pc that prevailed in 2011.”

“The legislation we are publishing today will make a major contribution to the overall reforms we are delivering in the employment permits area. It codifies and clarifies the law in this area to make the system more transparent and obligations clearer to businesses and other stakeholders. It also makes the system more flexible and responsive to changing economic circumstances, so that our employment permits system can respond quickly and allow our economy benefit from quickly-emerging opportunities,” the Minister said.


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Manipuris want better education, job opportunities

Imphal, April 22 (IANS) The people of Manipur, once ravaged by insurgency and still suffering from its residual strains, came out in full force to vote during the 16th Lok Sabha election as they want a government that betters educational and employment opportunities in the state and focuses on development. Manipur has two parliamentary constituencies.

Around 74 percent of the 874,000 voters cast their ballots April 17 in the Inner Manipur constituency and going by the locals, incumbent MP Thokchom Meinya Singh of the Congress, who has represented the seat for a second consecutive term, may not be returned. He is facing a serious threat from Communist Part of India’s (CPI) Moirangthem Nara Singh, say the locals.

“Meinya Singh has been in office for long, but there is hardly any development here. We still face problems like shortage of electricity and water, poor quality of government schools and lack of employment opportunities. People have to spend a lot to make their children literate as private schools are expensive.

“Many people think that Nara Singh can bring about changes here for good. He is a good person and knows how to socialise with people,” 68-year-old homemaker Hijam Binodini Devi told IANS.

Binodini will be happy if the only woman candidate, Indira Oinam, wins but doesn’t think she will.

“She doesn’t really stand a chance but if she wins she will make history. R.K. Ranjan Singh of the BJP is another strong contender but the masses are not happy with the party workers,” she said.

Lourembam Kulavanta Singh, a father of two teenagers, also wanted a leader who can make the state prosper.

“Government schools are recognised and teachers are also qualified, but as a parent I prefer to send my children to private schools as they are able to perform better. It is expensive for me. The minimum that a parent has to spend on education is Rs.50,000 per year. It includes school and private tuition fees,” he said adding that the expense takes a toll on the home budget.

“I want education in government schools to be improved and want corruption to end as it gets very difficult to get jobs here. Only those who have money can get jobs,” he said.

Manipur’s literacy rate is 79.21 percent, but many are jobless.

“I want Manipur to be corruption free. This way qualified people will get jobs,” said Wahengbam Premjeet Singh, a computer science graduate who gives private tuitions to schoolchildren to earn a living.

He felt that like previous elections, this time too the Congress will be victorious as the “party is big”.

Young graduate Kulavanta shared similar sentiments.

“In big cities like Delhi and Mumbai, when people say that they don’t like a particular candidate they make sure not to vote for them. In Manipur, that’s not the case. People don’t like the Congress party but still they vote for them for unknown reasons,” he said.

While education and employment remain the main concern of the masses here, there are other issues that need to be tackled too by the elected representatives.

“We want to see a new MP who takes care of our needs. The National Highway is in a bad shape. If it rains, it can’t be used and due to this, the price of food items and other products go up.

“In Manipur, strikes are common. Those who work in government offices find it difficult to commute during such times as private vehicles don’t run and government ones are extremely less in number,” said government official Lourembam Devikarani.

Lokendra Singh, general secretary of the Scheduled Tribes Demand Committee of Manipur, said the Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act is also a major issue.

“The Congress has been ruling for long now and people are not happy with AFSPA. There are a lot of people who want to do away with it. One can see a lot of supporters of Nara Singh as he is an amiable gentleman, apart from other qualities. There are many people against the Congress as not much has been done to improve conditions but he did one good thing for us.

“Meinya had led the ST Demand Committee team and met Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on July 10, 2013. The prime minister was positive and assured the team that the government will do the needful,” said Lokendra Singh, the driving force of the Committee, which wants Meiteis to be included in the list of scheduled tribes.

If the Inner Manipur constituency seemed mostly in favour of Nara Singh, voters in the Outer Manipur (reserved) constituency, where polling was held on April 9, seem to be inclined towards the Congress, a quick survey showed.

Some 78 percent of the 911,000 voters had turned up on voting day.

The Congress had re-nominated incumbent Thangso Baite while the BJP has fielded Gangmumei Kamei, the Trinamool Congress Kim Gangte and the Nationalist Congress Party Chungkhokai Doungel.

The 10-phased general elections began April 7 and will conclude May 12. The results will be declared May 16.

(Natalia Ningthoujam can be contacted at

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Iain Duncan Smith Accuses EU Commissioner Laszlo Andor Of Bias In Welfare Criticism

Iain Duncan Smith has lashed out at EU Employment Commissioner Laszlo Andor after he warned that the UK government’s benefits restrictions looked “nasty”.

The work and pensions secretary wrote to Andor, who previously urged ministers to “think twice” about limiting benefits for EU migrants, accusing him of bias against Britain.

Andor had also said the government’s Youth Contract was “not sufficient to deliver” progress in tackling youth unemployment.

Duncan Smith pointed out that the UK has the second highest youth employment rate of the major EU economies, adding: “Singling out the UK for criticism gives me the impression that the Commission is not capable of impartial analysis and comment.”

The war of words comes as a report by Oxfam and the New Policy Institute warned that benefit cuts had left up to 200,000 families £18-a-week worse off and pushed 1.75 million people deeper into poverty.

The report found that 300,000 families had suffered a cut in housing benefit, 920,000 in council tax support and 480,000 in both benefits.

Oxfam chief Mark Goldring said that the coalition was “blowing massive holes in the safety net which is supposed to stop people falling further into poverty”.

He added: “We are already seeing people turning to food banks and struggling with rent, council tax, childcare and travel costs to job centres.”

EU employment commissioner Laszlo Andor warned in February that the coalition should “think twice” about cutting benefits for EU migrants as he warned it could spark “conflict”.

Andor said the new rules, which mean EU migrants have to show they are earning at least £149 a week for three months to be eligible for benefits, would cause “difficulties”.

“I believe we will have some difficulties because workers in the European Union have rights,” he told BBC Radio 4′s Today programme.

“This is something you have to understand and you cannot judge the working status of somebody after the level of earning. The case law in the European Union actually points to the opposite direction.

“What I understand is that in the last few months some members of the British government did not really mind that what they say is confronting the principles in the legislation of the European Union.

“Government should think twice before launching such new initiatives because, unfortunately, that can lead to a kind of conflict.”

Asked if that meant it would be challenged, he replied: “First we need to see in writing what the new system will be and after we can make a conclusion.”

He told the programme: “There is so much in the tabloid newspapers about Romanians and Bulgarians that people probably believe that there is a kind of influx while in reality the Romanians and Bulgarians are just a minority among the so-called EU migrants.

“The EU migrants, those coming from other EU countries to the UK in the last 20 years, never came up to the half of total immigration, so what exactly is the problem and what exactly can be remedied by tinkering with the rules, and the rights and the entitlements of EU citizens should be explained in a more factual way rather than just responding to gut feelings.”

A Department for Work and Pensions spokesperson said: “Britain has a strong welfare state, but for too long the system trapped those it was designed to help in a state of dependency. There’s nothing kind or fair about that.

“That’s why the Government is fixing the system. Work is the best route out of poverty so we’re making sure it pays to work and supporting people into employment – with an extra 1.5 million people in work since 2010.

“We’re making the system fair to claimants and to taxpayers, and a strong safety net remains. We spend £94 billion a year on welfare for working-age people so those on low incomes or looking for work can meet their basic needs.

“Our reforms are specifically designed to improve the lives of the poorest in our society – with three million families better off as a result of Universal Credit.”

See also: Iain Duncan Smith’s £53 week

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Karnataka gets 43.8% rise in allocation under MNREGS for FY15

The Central government has sanctioned Rs 3,155 crore to the Karnataka government under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme for 2014-15, an increase of 43.8% over the previous year.

Last year, the government spent Rs 2,095.22 crore and generated 71.9 million mandays of works and achieved 104% of the target, which is the first in the country, said H K Patil, minister for rural development and Panchayat Raj.

The state government has also achieved 100% of the target in the implementation of Electronic Fund Management System in the country, he said.

Patil said the Karnataka government has started supplying drinking water through tankers to 300 villages that are facing shortage. The government has earmarked Rs 240 crore for drinking water schemes under the National Rural Drinking Water Supply Scheme.

Talking to reporters, here today, he said based on the local needs of villages, the government has initiated works to dig bore wells and revive the old bore wells that have gone dry. The district administrations have been told to take all necessary measures to ensure adequate water supply by digging new bore wells, he said.

The chief minister Siddaramaiah recently directed the finance department to release an additional Rs 100 crore for this purpose, which will be credited into the accounts of district administrations. Apart from this, the government is also taking measures to release another Rs 150 crore, he said adding that the total budget for drinking water schemes will touch Rs 490 crore.

During 2013-14, the government spent Rs 1,744 crore under the National Rural Drinking Water Supply Scheme. This year also, similar amount of funds will be spent to avoid shortage of water for villages, he said.

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Monster and Host National Veteran Employment Summit


Monster and announced they will host their second National Veteran Employment Summit featuring leading voices in the private sector, government and non-profit organizations and showcasing innovative solutions to improve the way in which companies recruit, train and retain veterans in the civilian workforce.

The National Veteran Employment Summit will take place on April 30th at the Renaissance Mayflower Hotel from 8 am to 5 pm.

The Monster and Summit differs from other veteran employment events because it focuses not only on narrowing the communication divide between veterans and employers, it speaks directly to Human Resources leaders to provide answers to their questions and find new avenues to understand the best and most effective ways to hire and retain veteran talent.

“The National Veteran Employment Summit is our venue for addressing the important issues that others shy away from when it comes to hiring veterans. We are highlighting the great ideas from companies and human resources teams who are successful in hiring and keeping veterans,” said Sal Iannuzzi, CEO of Monster Worldwide.

The program will feature sessions dealing with civilian employment from the perspectives of veterans and spouses, a view from Capitol Hill, a frank discussion around what some employers quietly wonder about hiring veterans and what some organizations are doing to put commitments into action. The Summit will also spotlight innovative regional efforts to spur veteran employment.

The keynote address will be given by Sal Giunta, the first living Medal of Honor recipient since the Vietnam War. He will share his inspiring story of courage and his personal journey as a civilian in his post-Army life.

In addition, the Summit features a variety of well known speakers from the public, private and non-profit sectors as well as military leaders and veterans themselves, including:

  • Senator Joe Manchin, (D-W.Va.), United States Senate
  • David Coe, Vice President of Strategic Programs, Orion International
  • John DiPiero, Senior Communications Partner for Veteran Engagement, USAA
  • Lenny Giaquinto, Systems Engineering Lead, The MITRE Corporation
  • Allison Gilmore, Vice President of Communications and Strategic Initiatives, Northern Virginia Technology Council
  • Steve Gonzalez, Assistant Director, The American Legion
  • Vivian Greentree, Senior Vice President, Head of Military and Veteran Affairs at First Data Corporation
  • Evan Guzman, Head of Military and Veteran Affairs, Verizon
  • Admiral (ret.) John C. Harvey, Jr., Virginia Secretary of Veterans Affairs and Homeland Security
  • Jeffrey C. Hall, National Employment Director, Disabled American Veterans (DAV)
  • Bobbie Kilberg, President and CEO, Northern Virginia Technology Council
  • David Lucien, CEO, DCL Associates
  • Mary MacPherson, Office of the President, Northern Virginia Community College
  • Linda Nguyen, CEO, Workforce Central
  • Mario Nino, Program Manager Veteran Initiatives, Sears Holdings Corporation
  • Alison Putnam, U.S.A.F. reservist and Military Spouse, Compliance Review Officer, Zion Bancorporation
  • Colonel Adam Rocke, Director of the Soldier for Life Program, Office of the Chief of Staff of the Army
  • Andree M. Sutton, Chief of Recruitment, Retention Outreach, Veteran Employment Services Office (VESO), U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs
  • Colin Veltman, U.S. Army (ret.) and Service Manager, Big Bear Mechanical
  • Daniel Villao, Chair, National Advisory Committee on Registered Apprenticeship, Department of Labor

This Summit is for leaders from organizations and human resources professionals who seek to improve or begin a veteran hiring program. The day-long Summit is designed to be a dialog that will inform, educate and inspire all who attend.

In addition, the Summit will also feature a one-of-a-kind National Veteran Employment Summit Recruiting Day on April 29th, 2014 for veterans seeking employment. The recruiting event is for veterans, National Guard and Reserve members, military spouses and those active duty service members with less than three months left before they leave the military. The program is co-hosted by Virginia Values Veterans, the Northern Virginia Technology Council, the Virginia Employment Commission, Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve,, Monster and Resumes are required for registration.

Media wishing to attend and cover the Summit should contact to obtain a press pass.

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